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• Update and Maintain your Drivers
Our Driver Cleaner scanner tool software will take a full inventory of all your hardware drivers, chips, cards and peripheral devices, and then it will provide a detailed report for you to evaluate.

• Drivers Specific to Your PC
Our Driver Cleaner scanner tool program gives you access to over millions of associated drivers and it will narrow the results only to drivers specific to your PC. So if you have a HP computer, it will only give you the correct drivers keeping the guess work out of it.

• Integrated Customer Support
Our Driver Cleaner scanner tool software is user friendly to make the update process fast. With it's improved interface you will be able to easily navigate and find help to any questions you have.

• Driver Backup Wizard
With our Driver Cleaner scanner tool there is no need to worry about losing drivers or settings. The program has a built in wizard that allows you to backup and copy your downloaded drivers to a safe backup storage device.

• Safe, Secure and Effective
Our Driver Cleaner scanner tool software is guaranteed 100% adware, spyware and virus-free. You will not need to install any so-called "helper" applications to use it, which means your system will never be at risk. We have a proven record of customer satisfaction and awards that prove our Driver Cleaner scanner tool is safe and effective.


"I thought I had some crazy virus until I ran your software - just like new!"

- David Delaney, Baltimore, MD

"I've had this laptop for nearly ten years now, and I have upgraded almost every piece of hardware since I bought it. Normally I would have spent hours searching for drivers for this thing. Your Driver Cleaner tool is the way to go!"

- Linda Berger, Salt Lake City, UT

"I was a little skeptical about downloading this at first, and using it on the office computers. But by judging its overall effectiveness compared to other driver programs out there, I now use your Driver Cleaner on all of my PC's and recommend it to all my friends and co-workers."

- Don Savage, San Diego, CA

Driver Cleaner Free Scan

Are you looking for a free Driver Cleaner scanner tool download for your PC?

Download and manage all of your PC's drivers instantly with our new Driver Cleaner scanner tool

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Has your computer hardware stopped working or does it freeze constantly?

It is likely that your hardware drivers are out-of-date or corrupted. You must update the drivers regularly or else your PC will be slower, it may crash often, and you could have issues connecting or working with peripheral devices such as printers, scanners, cameras, controllers, and more.

Driver Cleaner - Free Scan

The Problem
Your computer may be slow, or you have trouble connecting and working with peripherals and hardware. Computers have several components that they use constantly while running. Also there are several other devices such as printers, fax machines, scanners, cameras, monitors, video game controllers and much more! In order for your computer to communicate to these devices it uses a special piece of software called a "Driver". These driver programs are different for each machine so there are literally millions of different kinds of drivers. What happens is over the course of a few months, these drivers often become outdated or corrupted by some other update, or just the simple fact that technology moves too fast to keep up with it.

The Solution
The solution to keeping your computer healthy and up-to-date is by tracking these drivers down and updating or re-installing them. In the olden days we used to have to do this manually, you would find the name of the device, go to the manufacturers website and hopefully they would have an easy access to a download. Well not anymore. With our new Driver Cleaner scanner tool software all you need to do is download the Free Scan, run it on your computer and you will get a detailed report on your systems status. The Driver Cleaner scanner tool will tell you exactly which drivers you need (and you may be surprised even if you just bought the new hardware, it could still be out-of-date depending on how long the product sits on a shelf).

Our Driver Cleaner scanner tool will not only tell you which drivers you need, but with one simple click the program will search the world for the precise driver for your specific computer model and download it and install it safely and securely to your computer. It is that simple. Many people do not know about this, but it is the most cost efficient and safe way to optimize your computer, and will fix most issues you hvae with slow down and freezing. Try it today!!

Optimize your computer now.

Driver Cleaner - Free Scan